Kuma Lopez, with the support of people from his environment, directs this great project called The Planet Radio which was born over a metting in a rainy weekend on the Wooster Mountains in the east coast of the United States. Initially the conversation revolved around the distribution and sale of independent music pieces, and this was mutating until it reach what now is The Planet Radio


Daniel Vuyk is the Voice of The Planet, he is "Una Caja de Monerias ", very energetic, who displays an aura like the one that is required to be part of the staff of The Planet radio, before he is a great professional who radiates exactly what he is when he is On the Air and when he is Off The Air in the process of preparing the topics of which he will speak to the audience. He also oversees all the global programming and the programs of those who are going to go on air from somewhere in the world


Jenny Vuyk was the other one who was part of the metting in that rainy weekend on the Wooster Mountains in the east coast of the United States. She is unique, perhaps due to her extreme passion for the industry, for her excellency in everything that have to do with real and virtual images, like the sound image from a radio, or, according to Kuma, for how stubborn she is when she put something in her mind



Arie is simply an extraordinary human being. Still in college, she went to her first internship interview in California, the director of the production company in Los Angeles asked her if she had ever been on an island of editing and she answered yes, the director asked her when, Arie replied "Since when I was sitting in a stroller at Bruno Masi Communication Center where Mom was editing ", the director signed her for the internship, he is Michael Angelo.